Referral FAQ

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How to refer a friend to jicek?

Copy your tracking link on Referrals page and share this link everywhere! Give it to your friends, colleagues, post it on your social media pages, blog, everywhere!

What is my referral reward?

You will get 10% hashrate of all purchases of your referred clients!

Example: You have referred one client who purchased a mining contract $1000. You will get $100 on your referral balance.

How to use my referral promo code?

Give your link to the one who you want to refer and ask to click the link. Once the client clicked the link, he is automatically assigned to you and all rewards will be credited on your account.

How to redeem my earned commissions?

After successful purchase of your client, go to Referrals page, enter the amount of your referral payout and press SEND.